Most Iconic Designs

1. Pasimio

This build is located in the Foundation University North Campus, and consists of a medical clinic and the ‘Kennel’. The Pasimio medical clinic includes a pharmacy and offers free medical consultations to the public. The Foundation University ‘Kennel’ cafeteria – named after the school ‘Greyhound’ mascot – includes unique upcycled glass bottle ends glued together to create glass blocks that let in light without heat on the wall that predominantly faces the sun, and a hanging bamboo ceiling with dotted spotlights incorporated. The theme of this design is ‘fireflies’, which based on mythology are a symbol of the ‘emergence of something great’.

2. B House 8

Still in design process, these guesthouses are designed with a unique scorpion-shaped floor plan and rooms that face in eight different directions. These builds will be two stories with an additional viewdeck floor 2 stories above. Made of bamboo frames and recycled containers they are as environmentally sustainable as it gets. The face of the building that looks out onto the ocean is all glass on the ground floor, and all open on the second, meaning that guests can really absorb the surrounding nature. The three double bedrooms that each build will hold are to be built within the containers at a 135 degree angle to the front of the build, making them the coziest and the most unique rooms of the guesthouse.

3. M5

This contemporary tropical three-story residential property was designed to take advantage of the abundant surrounding nature. Some of its most impressive features include large custom wood doors and windows, timber formwork concrete ceilings, rustic 6″ wood jalousie blades, exposed open riser sculptural wood stairs and eucalyptus grapestake ceilings. This rustic and cosy home also showcases beautiful, local and sustainably sourced materials such as bamboo and custom clay floor tiles, and is naturally ventilated to save energy and take advantage of fresh mountain breezes. The final touches to this build come in the form of a hidden garage, electrically operated carport gate and custom Japanese landscape earthenware.

4. U4

This contemporary tropical bungalow was built with family in mind, with its custom ‘his & hers’ dressing areas and a bespoke Viking kitchen that looks out to the pool when its floor-to-ceiling wooden sliding doors are opened. Custom made mango wall sconces and wrap-around koi ponds at the Lady’s dressing area ensure that this house has style as well as practicality, and each bedroom is fitted with custom furniture that suits each personality and need.

5. Akau

This contemporary Hawaiian three-story, three bedroom bungalow was designed for an expanding family. Inside is decked with oak flooring throughout, a custom fireplace, a 3rd floor master bedroom loft and nursery, and an inspirational breakfast nook with a breathtaking view of the Pali. The building’s exterior is finished with redwood horizontal siding and a very private exclusive 400ft driveway. The one feature that makes this family home really something special though is the panoramic view of the Nuuanu Valley that can be viewed from a private BBQ lanais.