Tips for Taking Photos for AirBnb:
1. Shoot from the corner
– It will give you a wider point of view when showcasing the interiors of the space
(ex. Bedroom & living room).
2. Open all windows and doors to allow natural light to come in.
– Indoor lights should also be turned on. The natural light will help potential
customers get the feel of the room when they are inside the property.
3. Declutter the space
– You don’t want to see your property as a messy one, so putting things in their
right place will help it look presentable (of course you should also maintain it on
the actual setting to avoid confusion on the guests’ part.)

4. Style, if needed.
– Aside from making it look presentable, additional accessories will also amplify
the aesthetic look/s of the property. This is not “a must” though, but adding little
bits of decoration will give your property an edge.

5. If possible shoot at “golden hour” time so you can get the soft diffused light of the sun.
– This is one of the rules of thumb when it comes to taking photos. But if the
timing does not allow it, you can make use of the
available light inside the property
   (ex. indoor light, spotlight, led lights).

6. Landscape format is preferred for better viewing.
– Having that wide perspective when looking through a picture will give you
a better feel of how a property would look like once you get there.

7. Showcase unique spots to highlight the branding or view of the space.
–  Taking landscape shots was tackled earlier, but did you know that having close
up shots of details inside the property could make your property more likely to be
chosen. For example, that unique design of a wall clock or how the windows are
ventilated will emphasize that you don’t only focus on the general feel of the
property, but attention to detail also plays a big part.

(photos taken from Greyhound Village, Talay, Dumaguete City)