How to Make it Top on Instagram

1. Plot an interesting Bio.

It doesn’t have to be all colors and a lot of text. Put the necessary signs and symbols that best represents the essence of your page. For example, if your page promotes sustainability, you can put icons or symbols of the earth and anything that could represent nature. Also, don’t forget to put all the necessary information in your Bio i.e. website address, physical address or location, telephone number, etc.

2. Choose the grid layout and color coordinate.

Visuals is the biggest factor in the game aside from producing relevant content. How you present your feed in a cohesive way will play a great role in stepping up the game for your business on social media.

3. Create content that can help your audience engage in the flow of ideas.

It’s also important to have consistency in the content that you are posting on Instagram. Nevertheless, it’s fun to post about topics sometimes that are a bit off grid to spice things up in your feed, but maintaining your main theme is the core of your page.

4. Hype it up on the stories!

It’s all in the stories! Remember how the story gets you automatically from one account to another? If you build your presence through stories, then there’s a high chance your account will be included in the featured stories of the hashtags that are relevant to your page’s theme.

5. Hashtags will go a long way, use them.

If you still don’t know the knicks and knacks of #hashtags, it’s definitely worth doing your research. Hashtags play a big role in linking big accounts on Instagram where audiences (mostly) rely on clicking hashtags that interest them to find similar or other variations of the topics or styles available on the platform.

6. Curate previous contents in highlights.

Keeping what’s worth it. It will come in handy to look back on the posts you had before, comes in cross checking for reference or if your client/s want to see the works/products done before. It could become the portfolio for your page!

7. Get the right timing to post.

With the rise of famous pages, you want to make sure that your posts will reach your audience in the right timing. So scheduling it ahead will keep you from having the hassle of figuring out what to do next. (we used the Preview app for this one)

8. Get it right in the insights.

It’s important to keep track of the reach of each post/story so that you can know if your post is being effective. The Activity, Content, and Audience tells how your posts are doing and it’s a great tool to guide you in improving your business page and engage more effectively to your audience.