Who we are

We are an architecture, planning and interactive media design firm based in Honolulu, Hawaii & Dumaguete, Philippines.

Our Services

Browse our diverse range of architecture, planning and interactive media services that are each provided by a set of specialist and professional members of our equally diverse team.


Sophisticated design complementing high aesthetics.


Detailed planning through collaborative innovation.

Interactive Media

State of the art development processes for better technological solutions.

What we believe


Committed to delivering compassionate and professional approaches to design solutions by utilizing leading edge digital methods to create forward thinking designs that go beyond the present and insuring our business partners with timeless solutions beyond financial criteria.

Our designs are created with building solid, long term relationships with our partners, making it sustainable, fair and equitable for all parties in commercial, aesthetic and environmental aspects.


To address the design challenges of business corporations, government institutions and individuals globally as the sustainable premiere architectural design and interactive media firm.

Core Values


We adopt a business partner mindset in our interactions with our clients.


We hold a high regard for our business partners to bring out the best outcome in design solutions.


We adhere to moral and artistic values with professionalism and ethics to be honest, transparent and fair with our business partners and employees.

Quality and Innovation

We utilize leading edge digital methods to create forward-thinking designs that go beyond the present.

Reach Us

If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch with us.

3rd Floor,
LG Sinco IT Building,
Foundation University,
500 Dr. Miciano Road,
Dumaguete City,
Philippines 6200

+63 422 2294



8:00am-5:00pm M-F, 8:00am-12:00pm S

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Entheos, is a thriving design and multimedia solutions company. We provide our clients with extensive IT solutions – from initial strategic planning and marketing decisions to the actual design, development and implementation of the project, as well as ongoing maintenance and upgrade enhancements every step of the way.


We conduct every project with the professional ideals of partnership, respect, integrity, quality and innovationWe are committed to continually developing design solutions that are driven by invaluable experience, cutting-edge technology and creative pioneering minds.


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