Entheos: What’s goin’ on?

Aguila (Siaton, Philippines)

Nestled against a cliff face in the beautiful Filipino municipality of Siaton, this gallery and coffee shop will have a glass face that looks out into the ocean with a clear view of Apo Island, home to hundreds of sea turtles and famously resembling a turtle shape itself. The build will incorporate some of the region’s abundant locally sourced stone and wood, and the interior design will feature an impressive showroom designed to display the client’s own range of hand-crafted furniture.

Pura Vida (Dauin, Philippines)

This Spanish inspired beach and dive resort will be located in one of the Philippines’ most popular dive spots. The three-story structure will blend seamlessly into its surrounding nature with an infinity pool and landscape design that works around the huge natural stones that already exist on the property.

Dumaguete City Port (Dumaguete City, Philippines)

Consisting of admin, passenger terminal and departure buildings, Entheos’ vision is to completely transform and upgrade the Dumaguete City port so that it both looks modern and functions efficiently. Negros Oriental hosts around 700,000 visitors a year and with Dumaguete as its capital and most popular tourist destination the Dumaguete City Port can now give them an impressive first welcome.

Mahaloha Refresh (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Mahaloha Burger’s Royal Hawaiian Center branch is getting a new look! In keeping with the iconic tropical theme of their main restaurant (also designed by us!) the Mahaloha “refresh” will adopt the same three form finish design.

Yamamoto Apartments (Honolulu, Hawaii)

This five story apartment building will host eight smart units all with big windows to make the most of Honolulu’s abundance of sunlight. The butterfly roof and Japanese-style “kunkel” canopies, coupled with the variety of trees that will surround the plot, give the building’s form a flair quite unlike your average apartment block.

Villa Rose Egg Farm (Honolulu, Hawaii)

With 317.9 acres to work with, there is no doubt that these chickens won’t be short of space. After the construction of a silo building, a packing building, office space and over 70 layer houses, Villa Rose will be a fully functioning egg farm surrounded by Hawaii’s natural landscape and adjacent to its Kaukonahua stream.