Rick Akau, Honolulu
“I’ve known Dean even before we started work and understood his creativity when it comes to the artistic perspective of putting a home together. Dean and I had a good relationship so it was easy to get through the multiple steps of putting a home together. I would recommend Dean because he has a vision, his ability to take the client’s thoughts and to put it into a practical building, but yet to continue to hold on to the essence of what someone wants”
Rob Wheeler, Villa Rose Egg Farm
“We brought Dean on board and things really started moving well. Working with Dean and Entheos has been a really good experience. He’s definitely a local boy, laid back, no problem, just get along with him really well, very professional. He’s very attentive to our job site, he comes out here frequently and checks on things, makes sure everything’s right and so we just enjoy working with him”
Doreen, Honolulu
“When we met Dean, we had a good feeling about him. He made our ideas and what we were wanting in a home come to realization and we’ve been really, really happy in this home. Everything that we had wanted in a house, Dean created for us. I recommend Entheos because Dean is very creative. We’ve lived in this house for over 25 years and it’s still timeless. We just love our house”
Anonymous Couple, Honolulu
“This is actually our second home that we built with Dean. The first home was beautiful and we loved it, that when we were ready to build a second home we called him again. I always found Dean very approachable, down-to-earth, easy to talk to, he communicates very well. We had our input and he gave us his input. He made sense to us, we understood, he was really smooth, he was patient, kind and he wanted to get to know us and know our way of living and what our needs and wants are. He really wanted to make us happy. We wanted to have a ‘wow’ factor, and that’s what we got. It’s like wow, we got it all and then some, meeting and exceeding our expectations – that’s a difficult thing to achieve, but he did it.”
Katrina Go, Splash! Hawaii
“Dean and my dad have known each other for a really long time and he helped us with our house and then once we built the new locations he was hands down the first person that we thought of. Everything was done very seamlessly and good communication and we’re very happy”
Jesse Aguinaldo, Mahaloha Burger
“Sitting down just talking to the team of Entheos and sharing what my goals and objectives were, we communicated very well to bring out this concept of what I was trying to project. The schematic design was well put together and well thought of. Entheos had clever ideas to where we could minimize the inefficiency in the operation, and I think that was the biggest part about their experience and background because we found ways to overcome obstacles and figure out ways to simplify the operation, so it made me very happy on that part”
Jo Snow, Honolulu
“Entheos was recommended to me by a friend. Dean did several projects for me and I’ve been just 100% happy with everything that Dean has done. He’s very creative. He can take a problem and solve it in a simple, economical way. There was very good communication between him and me, and him and the contractor, so the building always went very smoothly. It’s a pleasure to work with him and he’s a very nice person, very nice personality, so that’s also nice to work with him”