13 Creative Reasons to ‘Go for the Grille’

As winner of ‘Most Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Campus in the Country’ 2015-16, one of the ways in which Foundation University, Dumaguete saves on energy is with its uniquely designed grilles. These grilles, made from recycled iron, serve in place of windows and walls to allow for natural ventilation and light.

Can you guess the department that each of these grilles were designed for based on their motif?

Science Building: DNA strands and computer chips

Engineering Department: cogs

The Chapel: motif inspired by the ‘Fleur de Lis’, a symbol

prominent in historical French Catholic Churches

University Theatre: motif inspired by the birds that fly in and out of the room

Arts and Sciences department: pencil and beaker

Home Ec department: plants, bread loaves and thread

Business department: coins

‘Sunlight’: a symbol of knowledge

Grade School: buds

High School: roses

University Entrance: the sun nurturing the plants,

symbolic of knowledge nurturing the students

University Cafeteria: bamboo

Around campus: trusses inspired by vines and palm leaves