12 Ways to Optimize Your Business Website

With more than half the world now online, there is no doubt that the internet is the best platform to get word of your business out there. Here are 12 simple ways to make sure that you are really getting the most out of your website:

1. Buy the domain. Spending a little extra to have a website domain that is clear and professional is worth it.

2. Original images and videos that relate to your business can make it clear to viewers what you offer without them having to read too much, and also make the page look great and accessible.

3. Be clear about who you are and what you offer. Clear objectives and consistent messages not only look professional but will also ensure that customers don’t lose interest because they are confused about what they can get from you.

4. Keep the site simple and easy to read and navigate. It is a classic case of ‘quality over quantity’. Make sure all pages are clearly marked and that all links lead to where they are supposed to.

5. Create a ‘call to action’. This may be a catchy and enticing message such as “Get Started” or “Find Out More” and is often in button format so that customers can sign up to do business with you in just one easy click.

6. Incorporate keywords into your website. Make sure that words related to your product or service are naturally scattered across your website pages to ensure that your site will surface when customers type these words into their search engine.

7. Make sure people can contact you – and get a quick and personal response. It goes without saying that if someone were to have any questions about your business then they would need to be able to access a contact form or contact information easily. Quick and personal responses will make sure the customer knows that you value them.

8. Include links on your website to your other social media platforms, and vice versa. By being connected to each other, anyone who comes across one of your platforms can also access the others easily, and learn more about what you have to offer.

9. Give your website a personal touch. Photographs or videos of the faces behind your business does not make it look small or unprofessional. A real face can reassure customers and make them feel like they will be taken care of personally if they decide to spend money with you.

10. Include customer comments and reviews on your website. Being open with what your customers say about you shows confidence in your service and reassures other potential customers that they can trust you.

11. Update your content regularly. Search engines favor new content and updated websites will appear higher on the list when customers search keywords related to your product or service.

12. Make sure your site still looks good when viewed on a mobile phone. Most website builders will allow you to view your site in ‘mobile mode’ before you publish so that you can check that your pages are still easy to navigate and that the site still looks great.

I hope these tips have been useful! To learn more about how you can optimize your business’s online marketing, contact us at info@entheosit.com.