12 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Room

When it comes to your home, bigger is not always better. With a few useful design tricks you can transform your little sanctuary into feeling more spacious, organized and modern without having to break the bank or give up any home comforts.

1. Kill two birds with one piece of furniture

Get creative with furniture that can serve two purposes while still only taking up the space of one item. Hide your storage space within block furniture items, choose a guest bed that folds into a sofa, or find box coffee tables that can also function as extra seating when you have guests over.

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2. Utilise the space under the stairs

This is a space we can often overlook due to its awkwardness in dimensions, but a few extra precious square feet of storage or seating space could make all the difference to a small room. As well as hidden storage space, the nook under the stairs also has good potential for a reading cubby, bookshelves or a designated ‘pet zone’.

3. Keep it cool

Soothing, even, and consistent tones and colors are consistently advised for small rooms to give the illusion of more breathing space. An accent wall, piece of art, or a furniture item with a pop of color may bring a little more character into the room, but overall simplicity and coordination is key.

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4. Smoke and mirrors

Well, just mirrors. They are a great way to trick your eye into thinking there is more space in the room. Don’t just think of your average wall hang, get creative and experiment with covering any surface with mirror as a statement piece in the room.

5. Zone out

Interior design isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about psychology, too! Keep your mind tranquil and organized in your small space by creating different ‘zones’ with your furniture and color schemes without the need for walls. Unwind in a comfy corner with bean bags and cool tones, or get productive at a desk near a window that lets in plenty of natural light.

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6. Get the best of both worlds

Semi-opaque partitions are a great way to separate spaces in an open plan room without using up valuable space or blocking out extra light. As a partition can be created in so many different ways, they are a great opportunity to get creative.

7. Get into the nooks and crannies

Getting your storage custom made for your room can be a little more pricey than buying a box cupboard or bookshelf, but if you have a small room it is definitely money well spent. By utilizing those awkward corners or under bigger pieces of furniture, you will be grateful for the extra floor space it creates.

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8. Think vertically

Use space on top of space and make use of your room from floor to ceiling. Place those items that you will never use but never get rid of up high, in its place and out of the way. This technique not only maximises usable space but also creates the illusion of extra height in the room.

9. Take the eye outside

A small room won’t feel so claustrophobic if it has plenty of windows. Big windows flood in natural light and allow the feeling of space in your room to extend outside, allowing you to breathe both literally and figuratively.

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10. Line up

Sight lines lead the eye through the room through the art of clever design. A few of the ways that you can create these subtle leading lines are with plank flooring that stretch through the length of the room, or art on the walls that guide the eye in the direction of a window or open space.

11. Lofty ideas

By converting your loft – or even building a loft space within the same floor – you can create more floor space without extending your property. This idea really works in a room with a high ceiling and brings it right into the 21st century.

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12. Don’t clutter

This may go without saying but the most important thing you can do to make your small room feel more spacious is not to clutter. Get rid of what you don’t need, hide as much as you can and remember: minimalism is key.